Thursday, 19 September 2013

Presentation at Brooklyn iOS Meetup

I had the opportunity to put a presentation together for the Brooklyn iOS meetup recently and decided to do one based on 'Lessons Learned' from a self-taught stand point. I am an iOS developer largely self-taught and many things I learned along the way, I wish I had known earlier!

I think the meet-up has a range of people from lots of different experience levels and I wanted to engage all of them to also talk about what they've learned that they wish they knew earlier.

It went in a really cool direction with a lot of discussion around the tools people use. A lot of a developers power is in the tools they use and it seems like the iOS space is exploding with new and awesome tools to help you write apps more efficiently.

Here's the video of the presentation.

Also, a lot of tools were mentioned by audience members in the discussion following the presentation.. I'll mention here some of the tools I discussed and those mentioned by others:

Mentioned in presentation:

PaintCode, CocoaPods, AFNetworking, HockeyApp, TestFlight, RestKit(verdict: avoid), and MagicalRecord.

Mentioned in discussion:

iExplorer, Reveal, ImageOptim, Crashlytics, Pop, and Envision.

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