Thursday, 14 February 2013

iOS provisioning HELL (solved)

Sometime I feel like the relationship I have with Apple is quite similar to that one would have with a bipolar boyfriend or girlfriend. The good times are really good... and the bad times are REALLY bad. But you just stay because you can't imagine life without them. :-) They brought us smart phones, mac books and iPods. You can't give those up! And they obviously brought us mobile apps easily distributed though an app store. This is great!

But it's well known that it's a pain the ass releasing your app through their long and tedious process. Provisioning used to be a nightmare! It also used to be hard to get your app to beta testers because you needed their phone's UDID and then you would have to produce a different build for each UDID. PAIN!

Test Flight was the earliest tool out there for managing your builds and distributing them to stakeholders, testers, etc.. I was even talking to Jeff Soto from the iOS Brooklyn Meetup and his team at Tendigi are building a tool to integrate Test Flight with their QA process. Very cool!

I've actually just started using AirOnApp because they go one step further and remove the need for collecting each of the UDIDs from every device that you'll distribute to during testing. They resign the app automagically for the each device. :-)

I'm planning on releasing my app in the next month and will use their automated release process as well. Hoping that goes as well as beta testing distribution!

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