Sunday, 2 September 2012

iOS development - Let's write an App - Pt 1

This will be the first in a series of posts where I document the process of writing an iOS 5 app using Xcode. I've been playing around here and there for about a year. I want to take it to the next level though. I'm going to write an app around storing, tracking and sharing home-brewing recipes.

As I write my app, I'm going to move through the decision-making process, high-lighting what I'm thinking about and why I'm making the decisions I'm making.

I've obviously already made a couple decisions so I'll go ahead and document those here.
  1. Why a home-brewing app? Because I love home-brewing. :-) (Even though I don't do it anymore.... see: the size of my NYC apartment.) I also think there's a gap in the market here... be it a somewhat niche market.
  2. Why native iOS? Well, my current 9-6 job is native Android development. I want to explore something outside of this. I thought about doing an HTML5 or jquery-based mobile website. And, I appreciate the fact that you reach more users this way. It's just that I'm less interested in exploring these right now. I want to play around with Xcode, especially some of the latest features.  
So, off we go! 

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